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Welcome to The Polished Pet Parlor!

We offer the best grooming with the best prices! With over 20 years experience you can rest assured that your dog will not only go out looking great, but will also be in loving caring hands. Your satisfaction and a happy pet is our goal!

Please call to set up an appointment. Thank you


*note- Due to the DOODLE craze and many groomers retiring their hands and clippers we are booked out 5-9 weeks depending on the time of year. 

*cancellations do happen weekly, but they fill quickly

we accept all credit cards but do not accepts checks

save money on credit cards fees when you pay in cash

Quotes are NOT given over the phone due to every dog having different needs and grooming requirements but you will be given a firm price when you come in.

Our Bath and Brush  prices START at $19.00 for small short haired dogs,(such as chihuahuas, boston terriers, ect.) and $25.00 for small longer haired dogs with no matting (such as mini poodles, shih tzu, schnauzer, etc.) Read that again.

This includes: Bath with pet approved shampoos, anal glands expressed, blow dry, nails trimmed, and ears cleaned. These prices are for pets groomed 3-8 weeks only. Prices can increase depending on work involved and how well the pet has been taken care of between grooms

Our haircuts START at $39.00.

This includes: Bath with pet approved shampoos, anal glands expressed, blow dry, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, ear hair removed (if needed) and the haircut of half inch or shorter. Price is for 3-8 week grooming only and can increase depending on work involved and how well the pet has been taken care of between grooms.​

Doodles are priced by the amount of work involved, current size and coat type, not by what they are mixed with. $45.00-105.00 

Add our upgrade packages: 

Basic Upgrade- oatmeal bath, conditioner, toothbrushing, breath freshener, and nail grinding for $8.00 

Polished Pooch Package- everything in the basic upgrade package but pick your own shampoo, whitener, blueberry facial, or tea tree and aloe for $10.00

Or you can add a single item for only $4.00. 

Save $2.00 on our upgrade packages when you pay in cash

Walk-in Services between 9am and 3pm only

Nail Trimming

Small breeds $5.00

Medium breeds $7.00

Large breeds $10.00

Pet that require the use of a muzzle $12.00

Face Trim $10.00

Anal Gland expression and ear cleaning or plucking for pets groomed within the last 6 weeks $5.00

Other Fees or Charges

Hand Scissor Work- for coats left 3/4 inches or longer 

$1,000,000 , maybe less depending on the time it takes to complete the groom

Spot shaving out matting- you don't want to do that, it looks ridiculous.

Coat corrections- this means when the pet owner tried to play groomer at home 

$5.00-20.00 depending on what you did.

Late fees 5-10 minutes $10.00 per pet

*We do not guarantee we will be able to take in your pet after 10 minutes

Late pick-ups and After closing hours

First 20 mins after the 30 min grace period

$10.00 per pet and $1.00 a minute after that.

*please understand that we are not a daycare facility and we have own appointments to keep and families we need to get home to.

Pets with medical issues ie ear infections, skin irritations, sore joints, bad knees or hips, arthritis, blind, open sores, rotting teeth etc $10.00 per pet

*we are not responsible for any pre-existing conditions, especially if you do not tell us about them.

Re-wash- accidents in kennels after a completed groom $10.00

Matted coats $8-13.00

Excessive shedding- double coated breeds like huskies and pomeranians $5-15.00

Pets groomed every 3 months or longer $5.00 at 3 months and $1.00 for every month after 3 months

example- if you haven't had your pet groomed for 7 months it will be $9.00 

Call-in , same day, express grooming or after regular hours appointments $10.00 per pet 

*we are sorry but we cant just "fit you in." It doesn't matter how small your dog is. If we don't have enough time, we don't have enough time.

Sedated pets $10.00-25.00 depending on size

Aggressive Pets- Pets that have punctured the groomers skin, tried to take her fingers home with them, chew off her nose and/or caused the groomer to receive Emergency Medical Treatment or Hospitalization $10.00-$150.00

or just groom the pet at home. which is probably better for your pet and the safety of our groomers.

Important Information

We are no longer offering anal gland expression and ear plucking for pets not groomed within the last 8 weeks due to the risk of rupturing impacted anal sacks

risking possible ear infection from impacted ear canals

making your groomer be the bad guy 

unfair to cause your pet family member horrible pain. 

These are considered medical issues and a Veterinarian should be the only one taking care of these issues.

We also reserve the right to refuse any grooming service to any pet for any reason.

Proof of rabies is due at the time of service.

Call today to get your dog "polished"

801-825-7387 (PETS)

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